Client ······ Assotiation ‘Union’ Sétubal
Art direction & graphic design ········· Ivan Vasilev
Medium ········· Print
Published ······ 2016 - 2017
Language ······· Portuguese 
quarto quarto /// 4º quarto /// quartº

Over the past two years, I had the honor of collaborating with the nonprofit cultural association 'Union' in Setúbal as an art teacher on a voluntary basis. During this time, I was approached to develop the visual identity and poster design for a new cultural endeavor initiated by the association, known as 'Quarto Quarto.'

The primary objective of this project was to establish a physical space and platform for students, as well as amateur actors, dancers, writers, and musicians, to showcase their creative endeavors within the local community. Spanning a duration of two years, 'Quarto Quarto' coexisted alongside various other cultural initiatives orchestrated by the association, leaving a positive and enduring impact on the local community.

In conceptualizing the logo design, I delved into the nuanced meanings of the homonym 'quarto quarto' in the Portuguese language. 'Quarto' simultaneously denotes both a room and the number four - '4th room' or '4º quarto,' coincidentally representing the exact room number of the stage area. This duality inspired the visual aspects of the logo, encapsulating the essence of the project within its design.


These posters showcase a curated selection of the projects developed throughout our two-year collaboration.





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