Author ········· Ivan Vasilev
Graphic design ········· Ivan Vasilev
Project ········· Academic (Faculty of Fine Arts of Lisbon)
Medium ········· Print
Published ······ Oct 2012
Language ······· Portuguese
Inspired by the multimedia magazine 'Aspen' from the mid-1960s by P. Johnson, and the experimental 'Fuse' magazine from the 1990s by N. Broady, 'Rizoma' served as my final communication design project at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Lisbon. Conceived as a hybrid between a book and a magazine, 'Rizoma' spans over 200 pages, offering a blend of intimate interviews with artists, sociological studies, philosophical concepts, statistics, accompanied by video materials and photography. Delving into themes such as human rights, social dynamics, diversity, emigration, and integration, this project provides a comprehensive exploration of pertinent issues.

'Rizoma' made its debut at the Faculty of Fine Arts' Graphic Design exhibition in 2012 (DESIGN:FBAUL’12), where it garnered acclaim and received the highest grade in the final assessment.

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