Client ········· ‘Taberna do Gancho’ - Tapas bar (Setúbal)
Graphic Design ······ Ivan Vasilev
Medium ········· Print & Web
Published ······ June 2018
Language ······· Portuguese & English
"Taberna do Gancho" is a coastal tapas bar concept nestled in the heart of Setúbal, a historic fishing town on the picturesque Portuguese Atlantic coast. Boasting a captivating maritime ambiance and privileged access to daily catches of fresh seafood, courtesy of its seaside location, "Taberna do Gancho" has swiftly emerged as a quintessential summer hotspot from its inaugural day of operation.

Inspired by the tales of old pirates and their indomitable spirit of adventure on the open seas, the establishment's name pays homage to these legendary narratives. According to the proprietor, the moniker "Taberna do Gancho" embodies this free-spirited essence and echoes the allure of maritime escapades.

The graphic identity of "Taberna do Gancho" is a testament to two core concepts. Firstly, it employs bold typography reminiscent of traditional fishing implements, evoking the sharpness and precision of a fisherman's hook (gancho). Secondly, it incorporates a symbolic motif that encapsulates the bohemian lifestyle synonymous with "Taberna do Gancho."

With its fusion of captivating ambiance, unparalleled access to fresh seafood, and a nod to maritime lore, "Taberna do Gancho" stands as a beacon of coastal charm and culinary delight in the vibrant tapestry of Setúbal's culinary scene.

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